Special Olympics Vanderburgh County-Evansville


Management Team:

County Coordinator : Susan Adler [email protected]

Assistant County Coordinator:  Mike Gilkey  [email protected]
Treasurer:  William [email protected]

Secretary: Marilyn Maurer  [email protected]  812-459-0427

Sports Coordinator: Ed Drake  [email protected] 812-598-2473
Swimming Coordinator:  Melenie Persinger
Corn Toss League Coordinator:  Susan Adler and Melenie Persinger

Volunteer  Coordinator:

Softball/Basketball Coordinator: Rand and Karen Baehl  [email protected]  812-205-8705  , 812-204-9294

Bowling Coordinators: Ed Drake Susan Adler

Utility Players: Marilyn Hall, Elsie Kuester

Pr/Fundraising Coordinator: Tami Kellems  [email protected]  812-760-6917

OutReach Coordinator:

Susan Adler Public Relation Coordinator
812-867-5592 812-455-8828
[email protected]


David Powell: Website Questions
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